Our Vision

Kenzie Silk was created with the vision to bring you timeless and sustainable garments that will be your go-to pieces for years to come. Silk, being a wonderfully lustrous fabric with a beautiful drape was where our journey to creating a collection with 100% silk garments began. With a thoughtful combination of vibrant colours, neutrals and prints, our range encompasses a colour palette that is contemporary yet timeless.  


We believe in creating beautiful, timeless pieces that women can wear all year round and for many years to come. We therefore focus on producing fewer, highly considered garments of exceptional quality rather than following a fast fashion calendar.

Why Silk?

Besides its luxurious softness and lustrous beauty, silk has many other properties that have helped hold its position as the Queen of Textiles for over 4000 years. Silk is the perfect fabric to balance your body’s temperature as its natural properties give it the paradoxical ability to cool and warm simultaneously. Because of its natural protein structure, silk is hypoallergenic and also helps to decrease the skins loss of moisture whilst promoting rejuvenation of the skin. Finally (and most importantly), when wearing a silk garment you’re guaranteed to have a beautifully soft drape due to its extremely fine and smooth fibre structure. 

Annalise & Chanel xx